Blackjack, counting cards at the table

Pubblicato In Rumors - da Il 23 Luglio 2012


The method you use to count cards at the table in blackjack  is the real secret of this art. For games where the cards are dealt to players so discovered, the chart below shows you how to proceed. The games where the cards are dealt face down (mostly single deck) require a different methodology that we will study next week.

Many dealers keep their cards face down and discovered only when each player has received both of his cards. The procedure for counting in such a table is to begin counting when the player at “first base” receives his second card, then you should count the pairs of each player when the cards are dealt. End your count with the dealer’s card and then continue to count every time a player “calls” paper. In the end, count the dealer’s hole card and each card that eventually will bring.

You can see how this method of counting by pairs allows you to look at the table of course. Many people think that the counters memorize one card at a time, so employees of the casino surveillance seek to identify the players that follow each paper exit. My method allows you to look away from the table when it comes out the first card when it arrives and then you can watch the second card and pairs are formed. This scheme is very natural, since many players are interested in seeing what hands other people’s.

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